My Story

I am a sabra (born in Israel, in Petach Tikva) and my love for this country can be traced to many wonderful childhood experiences exploring nature and identity, first as a participant and later a guide, in the Israel Scouts Movement. As a child, I also developed a love for food, helping my parents cook their native foods (Persian for my Mom, and Uzbek for my dad) and having the opportunity to eat a variety of foods with our Polish, Iraqi, Yemenite and German neighbors.

While in the army, I moved to Tel Aviv, the city I learned to know and love. After completing my army service, I spent a few years traveling through India, Central America, Europe and the USA, living in both urban and rural communities, exploring a range of cultures, meeting new people, and of course enjoying the food.

Upon returning to Israel, following my passion for food, at the age of 24, I opened my own business, a popular bistro-coffee shop “Tika” on Sheinkin Street, one of the funkiest streets in Tel Aviv. I loved the food and the people and having the opportunity to meet many Israeli celebrities that visited the coffee shop, but I felt something was missing. I was longing for more connection with Israel and missed travelling. So while running the coffee shop, I studied to become a licensed guide at the Israeli School of Tourism of the Haifa University. The experience gave me a richer appreciation of the land, its natural beauty, historic sites, holy places, literature and contemporary culture. Once I got my tour guide license, I started marketing myself to my customers from the coffee shop. I gradually spent more time spending more and more time giving tours, and eventually I closed my coffee shop and began working full-time as a tour guide.

I love what I do. I love showing people my beautiful country, bringing knowledge from all aspects of Israeli life, from politics and history to customs and religion and helping them experience Israel from different perspectives. I love telling the stories behind the places I visit, delving into what life was like for the myriad of people who have inhabited this land over the millennia. It is the “story within the story” that I find truly remarkable. That and the fact that this country is always writing its next chapter!

I am also a positive, fun and funny guy, and touring with me is a journey of fun and laugh, learning and understanding, full and unique experience of Past, Present & Food.
Waiting to be your guide and create memories together. Send me a message or give me a call for free consultation.

If you want an unforgettable experience,
a journey of fun and learning, you like food,
and want a trip with a personal touch, I’m your guide.

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